Collection: New Balance

The New Balance brand is one of the oldest American brands of sports shoes. It was founded already in 1906 in the city of Brighton. From the beginning, the main emphasis was placed on supporting the arch of the foot, which led to the development of specially shaped insoles. The brand gained greater awareness among people in the 1960s, when, in addition to specialized insoles, New Balance launched its first running shoe - the iconic model with a woolen sole, the Trackster. These shoes quickly gained popularity not only as running shoes, but also as fashionable leisure sneakers. The New Balance shoe logo was first created by Terry Heckler, one of the most creative advertising designers and artists of all time. In addition to the New Balance logo, Heckler was also responsible for the creation of the Starbucks and Cinnabon logos.

Among the most popular models of sneakers of this brand are New Balance 574, 550, 2002R.